Do not "wait to see what happens next."

  • Do not agree to any proposals without the help of NEA-Dallas.
  • Make no public statements about your situation.
  • Have NEA-Dallas/TSTA review your written statements.
  • NEVER, NEVER resign (or sign an S54) without discussing it with NEA-Dallas or TSTA!

 I received a write-up.

  • Write a rebuttal. You may contact our office for  format to use.
  • Contact NEA-Dallas to have a representative review your rebuttal before you submit it.

 I was removed from my campus & told to report to Portable 3.

  • Do as instructed & leave without incident.
  • If you are asked to sign a letter, you may sign, but next to your signature write "For Receipt Only."  This is to designate that you may not agree with the letter, but that you received it.
  • Keep a copy of the letter and any other documentation you are given..
  • Call the NEA-Dallas office at 214-821-2061. And get us copies of everything by fax or email.
  • Report to Portable 3 at the designated time.
  • You will be given other instruction, usually a letter. Get us a copy of that letter as well, as we will need to remain within any timelines.

DISD Grievance Due Process:

Grievance / Due ProcessThe Grievance process is a three tiered procedure designed to provide employees an orderly process for a prompt and equitable resolution of employee grievances. The grievant may initiate the process for a formal hearing by filing the grievance form. Grievances forms under this policy shall be submitted in writing no later than 10 days from the date the employee first knew or should have known of the decision or action giving rise to the grievance or complaint.  A grievance form can be found below or obtained from the District website, I-Net, or in the Office of Employee Relations.  The grievance form must be submitted online, by email or in the Office of Employee Relations.  Failure to submit the form may prohibit the acceptance of the grievance.  
For more information on the policy see DGBA (LOCAL and EXHIBIT).

For any questions regarding the grievance process, you may email:

Online Grievance Form:

With your membership, when you cannot reach your local, you have access to the TSTA Help Desk equipped with staff and a legal department, ready to answer any question, any size, from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m., Monday through Friday, toll-free, at the number listed at the left, or by clicking the help button below. 

Click the button help button, open a Help Desk ticket by entering your information, and you will be issued a "Reference Number." Your membership will be verified, and you will be contacted by a representative.  



 I was called into a meeting with an  administrator that could result in  discipline.

  • Do not discuss the matter with anyone.
  • Do not respond to any charges presented to you.
  • Call the NEA-Dallas office at 214-821-2061.


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