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NEA-Dallas Board Of Directors 2023 Election Results

President Sheila Walker Elected by acclamation Executive Vice President Votes Cast 178 Votes needed to win 90 Angela Davis 98 Veronica Arispe 80 Winner Angela Davis Vice President of Teacher Affairs Votes Cast 178 Votes needed to win 90 Patricia Williams-Spencer 132 Peggy Rodgers-Pickron 46 Winner Patricia Williams-Spencer Vice President of DISD ESP Affairs Votes Cast 178 Votes Needed to Win 90 Lonnie Richardson 143 Connie Waters 35 Winner Lonnie Richardson Secretary David Griffin Elected by acclamation

Treasurer - Vacant

District 1 Director Myron Walker Elected by acclamation

District 2 - Vacant

District 3 - Vacant

District 4 Director Tamara Richardson Elected by acclamation

District 5 - Vacant

District 6 Director Linish Thomas Elected by acclamation

District 7 - Vacant

District 8 Director Alan Jackson Elected by acclamation

District 9 - Vacant

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